Zinc-Nickel Plating

What You Need to Know

Zinc-Nickel offers excellent corrosion protection when applied over ferrous substrates. The actual application is a two-part process, Zinc-Nickel electroplating followed by a hexavalent free passivation coating. The zinc-nickel deposit protects the part from moisture and corrosion, while the passivation coating enhances the overall performance of the finish by preventing white rust formation.   It is not uncommon for the zinc-nickel finish to achieve 240 hours to white corrosion and 1000 hours to red corrosion, based on neutral salt spray testing.

Most agricultural and automotive OEMs continue to focus heavily on zinc-nickel plating as an unbelievable replacement for zinc plating.  Fantastic non-embrittlement properties make zinc-nickel extremely attractive for high strength fastener applications.  This finish is also considered as a direct replacement for cadmium in numerous fastener applications.

Finishing Choices:

Acid based Zinc-Nickel (12-16% Nickel)

Hexavalent chrome free

Clear Trivalent Passivate

Black Trivalent Passivate

Topcoat and Torque Tension Modifiers available

Rack processing only (Barrel coming soon!)

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